The Family Chef

Our Story

Meet the local family chef, who is passionate about cooking.

Michael Biassoni, founder of The Mad Italian in Durban North and one of the original partners of the iconic Angelo’s Trattoria in Umhlanga, decided to give up his night job.

The idea was to create home cooked family meals for busy families and for those who just really cannot be bothered to go to all the trouble of shopping, prep and cooking when life gets too busy. 

“There is such a need for real, easy, healthy meal options, yet people are settling for quick-fix take aways to fill the gap. There is no need to settle for unhealthy preservative loaded options, to save time. The Family Chef will deliver freshly cooked and frozen meals, to your door or office each week so you can “prepare” a fresh ingredient, healthy, home-cooked real-meal without the time consuming tedium of planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.”

"The solution when there's hunger in the belly, but the rest of you can't rise to the occasion!"

Sometimes, cooking a meal from scratch just isn't an option. So many parents these days are juggling work, children and after-school sports, that cooking a meal from scratch takes second place. Dinner time with the family cannot be discounted, but the time spent making it can be.
michael biassoni
The Family Chef

The Family Chef Experience

The best way to experience our collection of meals is to either pop in to our small industrial kitchen where we cook up these deliciously easy meals.  The premises also serves as a retail outlet, and you can shop directly from our freezers OR order your meals online and have them delivered to your home or office. Choose from the most enticing freshly prepared sauces, curries, soups, pasta’s and oven bake meals to satisfy your family’s palate. Deliciously Easy!